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For students interested in all of the political, legal, social, and economic issues affecting the world.
(mouse-over here, click for link) James Madison College is a small, student-centered, undergraduate program dedicated to undergraduate education and specializing in the study of public and international affairs. Our students and faculty share the goal of addressing and examining the major political, legal, social, and economic issues affecting our world.

Majors offered include international relations, social relations and policy, political theory and constitutional democracy, and comparative cultures and politics. Each major allows students to examine a unique aspect of public affairs while developing strong communication, analytic and problem-solving skills.

Graduates go on to careers in government, politics, business, education, and human services, as well as continue their education at top graduate and law schools.

For students interested in literature, history, ethics, visual and performing arts, and languages and cultures of the world.
(mouse-over here, click for link) In the RCAH, students have the opportunity to live and learn together, engage in the arts and humanities through experiential learning, focus critical attention on the public issues we face, and build community within and beyond the college. RCAH students have a passion for civic engagement, literature, history, ethics, the visual and performing arts, and the study of languages and cultures. The college’s interdisciplinary degree program is enhanced by the opportunity to participate in electives, language learning, independent research, and hands-on civic engagement. Outside the classroom, students work with visiting artists, writers, and scholars. After graduation, RCAH students pursue innovative careers within the nonprofit, public, and private sector, as well as continue their education with advanced degrees across the humanities.

For students interested in natural sciences and mathematics- as well as the history, philosophy, & sociology of science.
(mouse-over here, click for link) Lyman Briggs College is an undergraduate residential college of Michigan State University focusing on the study of sciences in their diverse human, social and global contexts. Students gain a strong foundational knowledge in core scientific courses like biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics while also exploring the history, philosophy, sociology, and communication of the sciences. Students can pursue any of the 40 majors we have to offer.

Attending a world-class research university with an international reputation for groundbreaking research is a great advantage for Briggs students. Research allows student to apply new knowledge to their studies and helps them create paths toward graduation and beyond. LBC promotes undergraduate research experiences through faculty mentoring, competitive research grants, and inquiry-based classroom labs.

Approximately 94% of our students find a job or pursue further education within one year of graduating in a wide range of fields like environmental sciences, laboratory research, public health, and medicine. 48% of our graduates pursue professional and graduate degrees.


The residential colleges at MSU offer the best of both worlds: the finest qualities of small liberal arts colleges combined with the energy and resources of a large research university. These living-learning communities unite students with similar interests in designated residence halls on the campus of MSU, which create distinctive educational atmospheres. Faculty offices, academic advisors, classrooms, labs, libraries, and galleries are also located in these buildings giving students unique access to campus resources and creating a learning environment that transcends classroom walls.


Is it easy to apply to a residential college? YES!
Simply select the name of the residential college you are interested in as a major on your MSU undergraduate application for admission. Students are selected on a first-come, first-served basis upon being admitted to the university, so apply early to maximize your chances!

Do residential college students participate in other campus activities? YES!
All MSU students are welcome to participate in student organizations, clubs, societies, sports, sporting events, etc. The residential colleges foster close interaction with professors, advisors, and other students with similar interests, while encouraging students to engage in the larger campus community.

Can residential college students take part in the Honors College program? YES!
The Honors College at Michigan State University is one of the most distinctive and extensive honors programs in the country. Students may combine their participation in the Honors College with any degree program at MSU, including every major within all three residential colleges.

Do residential college students pay the same as other students? YES!
Residential college students pay the same tuition rate and housing costs as all undergraduate students. You can enjoy living with others in your area of interest and having all of your classes, professors, and advisors in the same building without paying more.

Can I schedule a date and time to visit? YES!
To schedule a visit, simply contact the residential college(s) that you are interested in: all three have tours set up for prospective students, and staff would be happy to show you around and/or answer your questions. Contact information can be found online.